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Our Story: Organic Growth Guru was founded by Furkan Ozkaya, a seasoned marketer with a passion for organic growth strategies. After years of witnessing the power of organic marketing firsthand, Furkan decided to create a platform dedicated to sharing these strategies with the world.

What We Do: At Organic Growth Guru, we believe in the power of organic growth. That’s why we dedicate our time to creating and sharing insightful blog posts about the latest trends, strategies, and tips in organic marketing. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your online presence or a marketing professional seeking to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve got you covered.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create a community of organic growth enthusiasts who learn from, inspire, and support each other. We envision a world where businesses thrive not through intrusive ads, but through genuine connections with their audience.

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More About Furkan…

I am a results-driven SEO and Content Manager with years of experience in SEO, web services, and content management. I am a native speaker of English with a C1-C2 level of proficiency (ESL). I also possess additional skills in SQL, phpMyAdmin, cPanel, WordPress, HTML/CSS/PHP, social media, Semrush, Ahrefs, ChatGPT, and various other digital marketing tools.

While I am proud to have graduated from Bahcesehir University with a degree in English Language Teaching and completed all my internships at Bahcesehir Colleges, my passion for web development, content, SEO, and digital marketing began at a young age. I started building small websites using free hosting services when I was 12 years old and have been honing my skills ever since. I am dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and best practices.

My ultimate goal is to become a Marketing Department Manager and then a Director, utilizing my expertise in the organic side of digital marketing to drive business growth and success in the long run. I am respectful, harmonious, disciplined, punctual, proactive, and solution-oriented, and I can work well under pressure while respecting the corporate hierarchy structure. I am committed to producing high-quality work through time and effort, and I take pride in my ownership of my work.

Overall, I am friendly and sincere, always willing to learn and develop.